At Homecoming on November 2, 2002, Bill George proposed and announced a service project to purchase a ceremonial mace for Lee University.  Since Lee College became Lee University back in 1994, the school had not purchased a mace to use in commencement ceremonies.  A mace is a decorative item typically held by the person leading the procession.  It is a symbol of leadership, prestige, and influence. 

Over the next four months, Upsilon raised around $7,000 for the purchase of this mace through the "50 Friends of Upsilon" campaign.  The mace was presented to Lee University prior to commencement ceremonies in May of 2003.

(--excerpts from a letter by current UXAA Secretary Bill George)

Upsilon Xi,

Today I attended the commencement ceremonies at Lee University and proudly watched as the Upsilon Xi ceremonial mace, borne by the faculty marshal, Dr. Mark Wickam, a Upsilon alumnus, led the procession of faculty and graduates.

The mace is simple, but beautiful. A 54-inch wood staff, ringed with gold bands, the top one-third carved with a repeated design of tiny raised squares, is crowned by a golden orb (14 karat gold) topped by a copy of the seal of the university. The golden orb is divided into two equal halves and the two halves are separated by a golden band, on which is inscribed the date of the school's founding. From the top, a set of intertwined cords hangs down about one-third the length of the staff. One set of cords is maroon and white, the colors of Lee University, and the other set is black and gray. The mace flashed in the sunlight and caught the attention of the crowd. The printed program explained the significance of the mace and gave credit to Upsilon for the gift.

Upsilon alumnus, Dr. Mark Wickam leads with the Mace

"50 Friends of Upsilon" - $100 donation
Johnny T. Abernathy
L. Ty Abernathy
David Blair
Janet Blair
Dan Boling

Eddie Brown
Matt Brumlow
Rodney Bryant
Mike Chapman

Trace Colson
Chris Conine
Tony Copley

Eric Deaton
Ken Donnelly
Edgar Emeric
Randy Eubanks
Rick Folino
Ted Gee
Bill George
David Gibson
Joe Giove
Jerome Hammond

Jason Harris

Bill Henning
Robert Herron

Nick Humble
Bill Jabber
Jake Jeffords

Keith Jeffords
Bob Johnson
Brian Johnson
Rodney Knox
Duane Lambert
Tim Lee
Doug Leroy
Sam Luke
Doug Morris

John Mroczko
Keith Mumford
Sean O'Neal
Ralph Osborne

Duran Palmertree

Benny Perez
Ryan Pettit

Chuck Ramsey
Paul Rankin
Darrell Rice
Mitch Richardson
ac Roland

David Scisciani
Paul Searcy
Andy Simmons
Christy Simmons

Wayne Slocumb

Bedford Smith
Martin Smith
Darrell Spell
Mark Thomas

Wayne Tipton

Grady Townsend
Charles Turner
John Vining
Roby Walker

Kent Windham
Kyle Windham

Bill Winters
Nic Yeomans

Other gifts - Don Bennett, Keith Pennington, Scott Booth, Chat Jacobs, Derek Knoke

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