UXAA Elected Officers

Term President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
1998-2002 Dan Boling Keith Jeffords Joseph Giove Nick Humble
2002-2005 Joseph Giove Bill Winters Bill George Nick Humble
2005-2008 David Blair Bill George Wayne Slocumb Nick Humble
2008-2011 Joseph Giove Wayne Slocumb Keith Munford Nick Humble
2011-2014 Duran Palmertree Bill Winters Ted Gee Wayne Slocumb
2014-2017 David Blair David Wickam Bill Jaber Wayne Slocumb

Note: During Homecoming 1998, a four-person Executive Committee was elected to help shape the "provisional" UXAA Constitution.  The Constitution was ratified the next year and the Executive Committee "officially" took office and served out their three year term.  

The current Executive Committee of the UXAA:
(Left to right: Vice-President Bill Winters, President Duran Palmertree,
Treasurer Wayne Slocumb, Not pictured: Secretary Ted Gee)



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