Upsilon Xi : Lee University Homecoming 1999

Upsilon Xi experienced one of its most successful Homecomings to date, enjoying good fellowship, taking care of some much needed alumni business, and winning every major award given by Lee University during the weekend. The weekend began with the alumni breakfast. Total attendance was around 100 alumni and members. After breakfast, current Upsilon president Robbie Winters gave the annual State of the Club Address. Robbie began his speech by discussing his "identity crisis." Robbie explained, "When I got to Lee, I was Jennie Winter's brother . . . when I got in Upsilon, I was Bill Winter's son. . . now, I'm Amber Holt's boyfriend."

Upsilon President Robbie Winters

Robbie went on to update the alumni on the current happenings on campus and shared some views "from the heart" as well.

After the State of the Club address, UXAA President Dan Boling briefly discussed some of the challenges the alumni association has experienced over the past year and gave his vision for where the organization is going in the future. These challenges included the quest for non-profit status, and a lack of alumni contributing funds to the association.

UXAA President Dan Boling

UXAA Secretary Joe Giove

After Dan gave his vision, the UXAA provisional constitution voted on at last year's banquet was voted on and officially adopted. After the vote, UXAA Secretary Joe Giove spoke on some of the challenges the alumni organization has had contacting and organizing alumni. Joe also drew attention to several periods of Upsilon history where accurate records do not exist. Towards this end, the UXAA appointed its first committee to research these periods and create accurate records.

Some of the members of the History Committee :
Ty Abernathy, Bill Winters, Tom Heeren, Jason Harris

Dan Boling then announced the first UXAA Alumni Board. The Alumni Board is appointed by the UXAA Executive Committee and will serve for a period of three years. The Alumni Board will act on behalf of the general membership when they are not in session and will vote on important decisions relating to the organization.

Some of the members of the Alumni Board :
Bill Winters, Robert Herron, Dan Boling, David Scisciani

The members of the Board : Doug Leroy, Bill Winters, Dale Bain, Raymod Pettitt, Robert Herron, Mark Smiling, Edward Brown, David Blair, Marty Smith, Tony Colson, Jason Hendron, David Scisciani, Loran Livingston, Raymond Culpepper, Kevin McGlamery, Ted Gee, Bill George.

Next on the breakfast agenda was the naming of the 1999 Upsilon Xi Distinguished Alumnus of the Year. Current alumni coordinator Mike Scisciani made the presentation to Dr. Robert Heeron, former Lee University Vice-president and current Vice-president of Academic Affairs at Southeastern College.

Dr. Robert Herron, Robbie Winters, Mike Scisciani

As always, the Upsilon sweetheart, Jessica Childers, was recognized and the club sang to her on bended knee. Upsilon then sung the club song and got a nice, big fatty.

During the President's Circle luncheon, the most impressive award given by Lee University at Homecoming was given to a Upsilon alumnus. Lee University named Raymond Culpepper the 1999 Lee University Alumnus of the Year.

The final award won by Upsilon was at halftime of the Homecoming basketball game. Upsilon was well represented on the Homecoming Court with 10 club members, including all 4 sophomores. But the big award went to current sweetheart Jessica Childers who was named the 1999 Lee University Homecoming Queen.

Members of the 1999 Homecoming Court

Robbie Winters, Jessica Childers

The more things change. . . the more they stay the same
1998 Upsilon Sweetheart and Homecoming Queen Lauren Brasseaux
1999 Upsilon Sweetheart and Homecoming Queen Jessica Childers

--Reported by Joe Giove

More Photos from the Upsilon Homecoming Weekend
Video of Jessica Childers winning the Homecoming Queen award (MPG Format-1.50 MB approximate download time = 10 minutes.)

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