Upsilon Xi Alumni Breakfast
8:00AM Saturday, November 5, 2005

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Attendance at alumni breakfasts are normally highest in five year intervals, corresponding to the anniversaries of the club. The 40th anniversary of Upsilon in 2002 attracted over 225 members and alumni and filled the burgeoning banquet room at the Cleveland Holiday Inn. That same room almost overflowed again last Saturday as a standing-room only crowd enjoyed breakfast, fellowship, an update on the current club’s activities, and UXAA elections.

Of special note at this year’s breakfast was the presence of several of the earliest members of Upsilon: Billy J. O'Neal, Jim McClain, Richard Goodman, Douglas LeRoy, and Ted Bowman. Some had not been back to a Lee Homecoming event in many years. It was great to see so many of the early members of Upsilon back in our midst.

The Upsilon Alumni Coordinator Hermilo Jasso was the emcee for the breakfast and directed the opening of the meeting. After Chaplain Sam Kidwell opened the meeting in prayer, alumni members were invited to stand and introduce themselves and state where they were from and when they were in Upsilon. This took several minutes, since there was such a generous turnout.

Current Upsilon President Rich Wilkerson proceeded to give the annual "State of the Club" address. In addition to the many service activities that Upsilon is engaged in each year, one particular area was highlighted. Less than a month ago, dozens of Upsilon members and alumni joined together and traveled down to areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Some worked as clean-up crews, others worked as builders/repairers, and everyone did their share of praying and ministering to the people affected by the natural disaster. One story was particularly moving, that of a woman who broke down in tears after a Upsilon man recovered a simple photo for her, and she commented that "this was all she had left." Rich commented that he wished they were able to do more for the people who lost so much, yet quite a lot was accomplished on this particular service mission.

After the encouraging address from President Wilkerson, Bill George was asked to award the 2005 Upsilon Xi Alumnus of the Year Award which went to Dr. Bob Johnson.

Bob, a 1978 graduate of Lee College, went on to earn a Ph.D. from LSU and presently serves as associate professor of educational administration and director of graduate studies at the University of Utah. He has written widely in his field, speaks often to professional groups, and has been honored as a leader in his field. Dr. Johnson’s accomplishments make him well-deserving of this prestigious honor.

Outgoing Upsilon Alumni Association President Joe Giove then arose to give a brief PowerPoint presentation entitled, "UXAA – 2005 Annual Review & Analysis." Click here to download the complete presentation.  The presentation had several purposes:

  • Review the UXAA Mission Statement
  • Review the Accomplishments of the current Executive Committee for the 2003-2005 term.
  • Summarize the current budget standing

At the conclusion of the PowerPoint presentation, President Giove presided over the election of officers for the 2005-2007 term. A slate of officers was recommended to the body of the club. The floor was opened for discussion of the slate, as well as the nomination of another slate. No discussions or nominations were offered forth, and the new slate of officers was accepted by acclamation:

President: David Blair
Vice-President: Bill George
Secretary: Wayne Slocumb
Treasurer: Nick Humble

Upsilon’s first Chaplain, Billy J. O’Neil gave the closing benediction, and all in attendance sang the club song in conclusion.

--Written by Joe Giove