2008 Upsilon Xi Alumni Breakfast
8:30 a.m., November 8, 2008


Upsilon Xi has been going strong for 46 years now, as confirmed by the turnout at this year's Homecoming banquet.  As in previous years, it was held at the Holiday Inn in Cleveland, and both alumni and the current club were present.  As expected, fewer alumni were in attendance compared to last year which marked Upsilon's 45th Anniversary.  However, the stories, laughter, and ambition for the future were consistent with previous years.

Alumni Coordinator Caleb Flynn

After the opening prayer by current Chaplain Justin Walker, Upsilon's Alumni Coordinator, Mr. Caleb Flynn took a moment or two to welcome everyone to the breakfast and shared a few thoughts.  He spoke about what Upsilon meant to him and how he has been affected by the club since he became a member.  Following Mr. Flynn, the 56th President of Upsilon, Mr. Phillip Bixby gave the annual “State of the Club” address.  Mr. Bixby highlighted the history and ideals that Upsilon seeks to perpetuate and the emphasis that it places on fellowship and service. 

President #56 Philip Bixby

Upsilon then welcomed its featured speaker at the breakfast, Dr. Douglas Leroy.  Dr. Leroy was one of the earliest members of Upsilon Xi, and currently serves the Church of God as Director of the Department of World Missions.  Dr. LeRoy has been associated with World Missions since 1982 when he became the Coordinator of Information. In 1985, he was appointed Superintendent of Western Europe.  In 2000, he was appointed as Administrative Assistant. Prior to his World Missions appointments, Dr. LeRoy served as a pastor, educator, and state youth director in Florida, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and North & South Dakota.  Dr. LeRoy has a Doctor of Ministry degree from the European Theological Seminary in Belfast, Northern Ireland (U. of Liverpool Consortium).

Dr. LeRoy gave a truly remarkable and inspirational speech, focusing on what Upsilon has meant to him personally, and the ideals that Upsilon has always sought to promote.  In that regard, his comments were largely in line with those of President Bixby.  Dr. LeRoy spoke about fellowship and service, as well as leadership and character, and encouraged the club to continue in the efforts to live in accordance with God's will in all things.

After the conclusion of Dr. LeRoy's talk, UXAA President David Blair spoke about the current efforts of the Alumni Association.  His comments can be summarized in the attached PowerPoint Presentation.  UXAA Treasurer Nick Humble and UXAA Secretary Wayne Slocumb also gave brief remarks during this portion of the program. 

At the conclusion of Mr. Blair's talk, Dr. Bill George presided over the election of new officers for the UXAA's 2008-2011 term.  The following four alumni were selected to serve for the next 3 years: President Joseph Giove, Vice-President Wayne Slocumb, Secretary Keith Munford, Treasurer Nick Humble.  Mr. Giove spoke briefly about the challenges that lie ahead of us over the next three years.

The new Executive Committee of the UXAA:
(Left to right: Treasurer Nick Humble, Secretary Keith Munford,
President Joseph Giove, Vice-President Wayne Slocumb)

During the final section of the program, Dr. George awarded Upsilon Xi's most prestigious award, its annual Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award.  This year's award was presented to Dr. Doug LeRoy.  Dr. LeRoy was very gracious in accepting the award and was clearly surprised by the gesture. 

Bill George and Doug LeRoy

Dr. LeRoy joins an impressive list of past winners, including: Bill George, Darrell Rice, Junus Fulbright, Raymond Culpepper, Loran Livingston, Gary Sharp, Billy J. O'Neal, Steve Dorman, Nick Humble, Bill Winters, Keith Jeffords, Rick Folino, Mark Smiling, G. Dennis McGuire, Robert Herron, Sam Luke, Benny Perez, Chuck Ramsey, Wayne Slocumb, Joseph Giove, Bob Johnson, Andric Daugherty, and Robert O'Bannon.  The meeting was concluded in prayer by the 16th President of Upsilon Xi (elected Fall 1979), Mr. Guy Glass.

(Left to right): Ben Bahnsen, Tanard Rousey, Mario Hood, Chris Conine

(Left to right): Caleb Flynn, Joseph Giove, Phillip Bixby

Bill Jaber and Jared Jaber

(Left to right): Joseph Giove, Tony Robinson, Brian Jones, Trace Colson, Chad Hall, David Scisciani, Byron Wilkes, Michael Trent, Gil Medina, Clay Kile, Jobe West, Ty Abernathy

(Left to right): Chad Hall, Trace Colson, David Scisciani

(Left to right): Dan Glasscock, Hugh Carver, Joseph Giove

(Left to right): Jobe West, Chad Hall, Ty Abernathy, Trace Colson,
Joseph Giove, Byron Wilkes, Dave Williams

This year's Homecoming booth



---Photos by Historian Chad Madden