Upsilon 1991-93

(1992-93)(L-R) : Tony Colson, Ty Abernathy, Brian Goodger, Mike Harden, Jeremy
Beavers, and Anthony Owens

(L-R) : (Front) - Ty Abernathy, John Weston, Andy Simmons, Phillip Harris
(Back) - Javen Campbell, Kyle Windham, Mike Harden,
Tony Colson, Anthony Owens.

1992 Sadie Hawkins

1991-92 (Spring) Little Sisters - (L-R) : Dana (Stracener) Smith, Shaunda
Smith, Polly (Stegall) Herrin, Stacie Hensley, Stephanie Culverhouse

1992-93 (Fall) Little Sisters - (L-R) : Stacie Hensley, Shaunda Smith,
Polly (Stegall) Herrin, Dana (Stracener) Smith, and Stephanie Culverhouse

1993 Senior Banquet Low Man picture (L-R) : Eric Diggs, Ty Abernathy,
Mike Harden, Lawton Smith, Kevin McGlamery, Jeff Golden

1991 Sadies Picture

Woody Hill and Ty Abernathy

Fall 1991 Tap - (L-R) : Sandy Garren, Woody Hill, Matthew Barker, Jeff
Golden, Mike Timms, Charles Turner, Kent Douglas, Ty Abernathy

(All photos courtesy of Ty Abernathy, scanned by Joe Giove)