UXAA News of Interest
August 2010

The Committee to Amend the UXAA Constitution (Co-chaired by Dr. Dewayne Thompson and Dr. Robert Fisher) have completed their work and are now posting draft copies of the proposed, new Constitution.  Article VII, Section 1 of the current UXAA Constitution requires that amendments be published by notcies ten (10) days in advance of a vote.  The Committee is posting these amendments 3 months (90 days) in advance of a vote.  Comments are invited from any UXAA member and are encouraged well in advance of our annual meeting.  Comments should be addressed in writing to Dr. Dewayne Thompson at:  dthompson@leeuniversity.edu.  The proposed Constitutional changes will be voted on at Homecoming 2010.


November 2009

At Homecoming 2009, three new UXAA Committees were formed:

  1. The Cornerstone Committee (Co-chaired by Dr. Jeff Sargent and Mr. Paul Rankin)

  2. The Committee to Update Induction Materials (Co-chaired by Dr. Duran Palmertree and Mr. Bill Winters)

  3. The Committee to Amend the UXAA Constitution (Co-chaired by Dr. Dewayne Thompson and Dr. Robert Fisher).

November 2008
Newly elected UXAA President Joe Giove posted a new "President's Agenda" for the 2008-2011 term.  The "President's Agenda" will provide a recording of what is being accomplished in the UXAA to inform alumni and members of ongoing goals.
November 2005
Outgoing UXAA President Joe Giove posted his final "President's Agenda" for his 2002-2005 term.  The "President's Agenda" was a special webpage that used to be on the Upsilon website and was used for both recording what was being accomplished and informing alumni and members of ongoing goals.
Homecoming 1999
 The final constitution was ratified.
November 11, 1999
The UXAA has officially named its first committee to research several historical gaps in our records from the late 1960s to early 1980s. The members of the committee : Bill George (co-chair), Bill Winters (co-chair), Ty Abernathy, Jerome Hammond, Jason Harris, Tom Heeren, J.B.Van Hook.
November 21, 1998
The Alumni Association is officially up-and-running. Upsilon is once again leading the way by being the first club to organize itself in this fashion. It is essential for our early success to involve as many alumni as possible. Please spread the word that the Alumni Association has formed and encourage others to participate. Please take a moment to join your Upsilon brothers and sisters by paying your dues and supporting the alumni of Black and Gray.
November 1998
During Homecoming 1998, a provisional constitution and bylaws were approved for study with plans for final adoption at the 1999 Homecoming alumni breakfast. Copies of the Constitution and Bylaws were handed out to everyone present at the Homecoming Breakfast. The Constitution and Bylaws could also be obtained by request from the Secretary via e-mail.


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